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Left Alive's Character Trailer Shows Off The Interplay Between Protagonists

Square Enix dropped a new Left Alive trailer today, the newest game in the Front Mission universe that seems to be incredibly influenced by the Metal Gear Solid games. The title features multiple protagonists, survivors of a major military excursion in the city of Novo Slava, and interweaves the story between them, which the trailer does its best to show off.

You can check out the Survivors trailer below.

You also get a pretty good look at both the on-foot and mech gameplay of Left Alive, the first games of its type with the more strategy-based other Front Mission games. If the art reminds you of Metal Gear Solid as well, that's because Yoji Shinkawa of Metal Gear fame designed the characters.

Left Alive will be releasing on March 5 on PlayStation 4 and PC.

God Eater 3's Intro Emphasizes Its Art Style

Bandai Namco has released the intro for God Eater 3 as its own separate trailer, so if three God Eater games down the line you still don't have a good sense of the series tone, this intro trailer will likely dispel all doubt for you. The intro was animated by animation studio Ufotable, which did the actual God Eater TV series. It's set to a track titled Stereo Future by idol group BiSH. 

Check it out below.

God Eater 3 is the first title in the series to be made entirely for console graphical standards, where previous games also included Vita versions, as well. The title is also the first game in the series to be developed by Marvelous, as the God Eater team from the previous games is currently working on Souls-like action game Code Vein, which has been delayed into 2019.

God Eater 3 releases on PlayStation 4 and PC on February 6.

It would be difficult to set out to make a game like Contra and not have it look exactly like Contra, so why not just lean into it instead? That's pretty much what Blazing Chrome is setting out to do and it was obvious when we first took note of it at PAX East earlier this year, but every new trailer completely reinforces it. The developer has announced that you'll be running and gunning in early 2019 and have officially announced a Switch version will come in tow.

Check out the new environments trailer below.

Developer JoyMasher has announced that the game will be releasing in early 2019, just missing its 2018 target date. However, this does give time for the newly-announced Switch release to launch alongside the other versions, so you can take it on the go from day one.

Blazing Chrome releases on PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC early next year.

Battle Princess Madelyn, a retro indie platformer that was Kickstarted in March 2017, has been eagerly anticipated by classic platforming fans that feel unheard by Capcom ignoring the Ghouls 'n' Ghosts series for so many years. The title doesn't hide its inspirations, though it does one-up Arthur by giving the titular main character a stronger motivation: her dog died and she's going to get some revenge. There's also some stuff about saving her family and her kingdom, but her dog seems to be more important.

You can check out the release date trailer below.

The title is developed by Casual Bit Games, who is best known for Insanity's Blade. Creative designer Christopher Obritsch's daughter, named Madelyn, enjoyed watching him play Capcom's classic platformer, but wished it was her in the game fighting the "Green Head" enemy, the Shielder. This inspired Obristch to actually feature his daughter in a game in pink armor she wanted to wear.

Battle Princess Madelyn is releasing on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC on December 6. Rather remarkably, Vita and Wii U ports will follow sometime in 2019.

Capcom Shows Off Devil May Cry 5's Void Mode, Mega Buster

As part of the XO18 livestream presentation, Capcom showed off a new mode for Devil May Cry 5, as well as a few new Devil Breakers. 

The new mode, known as The Void, allows players to practice combos at their leisure. Unlike other "waiting areas" in games like DmC: Devil May Cry and Bayonetta, this is a dedicated mode and lets you modify a number of parameters in order to cook up some seriously creative combos and share them online, similar to the training modes in fighting games. You can experiment with different moves, display the amount of damage different combos deal, and use whatever Devil Breakers you want, and give them infinite uses.

Speaking of Devil Breakers, we got a look at a few new ones, including a few deluxe ones. The Gerbera GP01 sacrifices the original's ability to repel projectiles, but increased mobility options, allowing you to instantly dash up or down, depending on your position. The Past Breaker, which is a metallic arm with a fork on its business end, allows you to cycle your other Devil Breakers. Sweet Surrender allows you to heal three bars of health if you can pull off its break gauge move. Finally, we got to see the previously-announced Mega Buster allows you to shoot energy bullets like the Blue Bomber, and also changes most of Nero's animations - his dodge, for example, turns into a Mega Man's iconic slide. Catch all of these new tools in action in the extended trailer below.

Devil May Cry 5 launches on March 8.

Battlefield V's Launch Trailer Is An Action-Packed Ride

With its original date, Battlefield V would have already been out by now, but EA and DICE decided to hold the game back a few weeks for polish. That means we're getting the launch trailer for the game now as we wait for DICE's newest foray into World War II. You can check out the launch trailer, in which the action comes fast and frantic, below.

The trailer is mostly made up of CG with bits of interspersed game footage and outlet accolades for the game. It does give you a decent idea for what you'll be doing in the new game, with seemingly a pretty heavy focus on the multiplayer aspects. 

Battlefield V's battle royale mode, dubbed Firestorm in the internal vernacular, is not expected to launch until March according to DICE's content roadmap for the game. That is also around the time where virtual currency will be purchasable for the game's cosmetics.

Battlefield V releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 20.

Heralding the game's release date next week, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive revealed the official gameplay launch trailer for Hitman 2. Right on the heels of the live-action trailer featuring Sean Bean, the video demonstrates a multitude of way to assassinate targets in the game. 

The trailer shows agent 47 using a sniper rifle to snap the ropes securing a heavy beam, Spartan-kicking an armed man over a cliff, and throwing a deadly ninja star ? and that's only in the first 30 seconds. Watch the rest of the trailer below to get some inspiration for your own playthrough. 

Hitman 2 will feature all-new multiplayer modes; you can watch us play Ghost on this New Gameplay Today. Players will also be able to explore the Sniper Assassin co-op mode alongside six dynamic locations. 

Don't forget to check out the fan-influenced Elusive Target mission called "Explosive Penmanship" where you can eliminate a target played by Sean Bean with an exploding pen. This mission goes live on November 20. 

Hitman 2 is coming out on November 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. To learn more, you can read our early impressions of the game here

The Elite Four Shows Their New Faces In The Latest Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee Trailer

The latest trailer for Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee reveals the 3D models and concept art for characters that appeared in the original Pokémon Red, Blue (and Green), and Yellow. You can see a bunch of the gym leaders in both 2D and 3D forms like Lorelei, Bruno, Agatha, and Lance, the villain Giovanni (who might be Ash's mom?), as well as the Elite Four that you fight at the end of the game.


Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee releases November 16.

In 1992, Looking Glass Studios (then Blue Sky Productions) pioneered the first immersive sim with Ultima Underworld. With its non-linear, story-driven gameplay and 3D environment, the Stygian Abyss, Ultima Underworld paved the way for future generations of games like Deus Ex, Bioshock, and Thief. In 2000, Looking Glass Studios disbanded, however, its talent scattering like seeds in the wind to leave their mark on other successful franchises. But with the founding of OtherSide Entertainment in 2014, much of Looking Glass?s talent has returned to continue what they started. With a 14-person team of seasoned industry veterans, which includes credited immersive sim creator, Warren Spector, and developers from Irrational Games to Fullbright, OtherSide Entertainment is creating the follow-up to Ultima Underworld with Underworld Ascendant. To bring something new to the formula, the team is diving deeper into concepts that the immersive sim was founded upon, giving players a wider array of tools and options and dropping them in a dynamic and highly interactive world. Last week, I had the opportunity to sit down with writer and game director Joe Fielder to play the game and see just how deep these mechanics go.

Underworld Ascendant begins with a brief character customization process, allowing you to pick your skin tone, build, and voice (which also determines gender). From there, you?re immediately dropped into the depths, as your mystical guide and narrator Cabirus informs you that Typhon, ?father of monsters? and ?nemesis of Zeus? is close to breaking free, threatening the destruction of your world and the Stygian Abyss. To stop the primordial threat, you must unite the factions and learn the secrets they once used to contain Typhon. But first you must learn how to survive this brutal environment, which involves no small amount of creativity.

In Pluto?s Gate, the first task I?m given is a basic one ? I must ?escape,? Cabirus says off-screen in his ethereal bravado, voiced by Stephen Russell, who?s known for playing Garrett in Thief, Corvo Attano in Dishonored, and Nick Valentine in Fallout 4. Cabirus says that I must get past a locked door. Simple enough. Now I only need to locate the key or pick the lock to make my exit. But after all my years playing similar open-world games, I forget a simple truth: The door is made of wood. ?In time, you could beat it down,? Cabirus says, noting the possibility of hacking through the door with your fists or a weapon, ?or simply apply fire.? Indeed, I find I can pick up a wooden chair and ignite it over a brazier, then hold it against the door until the door is reduced to ash. In Underworld Ascendant, creative solutions to problems like this abound, and they generally revolve around the physical properties of objects or the delicate interplay between light and dark, and water and fire. If I want to avoid the icy gaze of a skeleton watcher, I can pick up a water bottle and throw it at one of the torches to douse the flame and darken the hallway. I can cook a leg of ?mystery meat? by holding it over the open flame of a brazier. And objects have weight, so while I might be able to throw a cup at a lever, sometimes I?ll come across a heavier object that can only be carried and dropped onto a mechanism-activating pressure plate.

Players need to cleverly approach their environment to get past obstacles, which becomes evident when I begin the Challenge of Ishtass. After entering a large, spacious cavern, I encounter a platform patrolled by skeletons. A caged monstrosity hangs above them, looking like a giant, levitating face-hugger from Alien, only with an oversized brain for a head. A ?mind crippler,? Fielder tells me; it?ll attack the skeletons if I release it, but it would ?be prudent? to avoid its detection. Already, I have a couple of ways to get to the treasure on the other side: I can rain arrows down on the skeletons or attack them head-on with any number of junk items I?ve amassed. I can also sneak around and hit the lever to release the mind crippler if I?m quiet. However, there is another option that no one points out. I notch an arrow and fire it at the lever, then another, and another. After a few missed attempts, I finally get one of my arrows to ricochet off a boulder, striking the lever and releasing the groping tentacles of the mind crippler upon the hapless skeletons, which enables me to sneak around and snag the loot on the opposite bank.

The entire RPG system in Underworld Ascendant is built to encourage player creativity, interactivity, and immersion. When players start the game, for example, they aren?t allocated skill points, but are encouraged to navigate the world and acclimate to the systems. To encourage this, players are awarded skill points for completing ?feats.? Feats, in Underworld Ascendant, are milestones and achievements players earn by overcoming new obstacles and figuring out the game?s systems such as killing a skeleton without being touched. There are three major skill trees: fighter, magic, and stealth. Spells in the game are largely about hacking physical properties, Fielder tells me. The Assemble spell allows mages to amass a number of items from the environment and build a bridge, which can also be used as a weapon if you light it on fire or drop it on foes. The stealth tree stacks damage bonuses for sneak attacks and includes the dash skill, which is essentially a short-range teleport. When it comes to the fighter tree, Fielder also points out how ?combat is focused on movement, not just damage bonuses.? And indeed, much of the fighter tree is devoted to mobility, parkour, and getting the most out of your environment with skills like wall-run and double-jump becoming unlockable at higher levels. 

In the start of the game, like in the original Stygian Abyss of Ultima Underworld, players will struggle to survive as they?re limited to the tattered rags on their back. Food plays a role in the game as hunger ravages health, and cooking or pickling your foodstuffs becomes essential for removing negative status effects or adding positive ones. For a while, players will mostly be discovering broken equipment and rapidly deteriorating weapons. But as they progress they?ll be able to find rarer items, studier armor, and more powerful tools to add to their arsenal.

In one pre-loaded account, Fielder shows me the axe of Phobos, which breaks enemy morale with a successful parry. There?s also the jewel of befuddlement, which Fielder jokes is essentially a flash bang grenade, for those ungifted in stealth. Wands can be found which are branded with a single spell, and runestones can be added to your runebag, which allow you to create custom spells. During my playthrough, I find the Heal rune word, and am able to dual-wield two runestones, casting healing spells on myself with a flourish of wrists and levitating stones like Dr. Strange whenever I run into trouble. For archers, different types of arrows exist like water arrows, fire arrows (which can be made by dipping standard arrows into a torch), and blast arrows, which release a blast of compressed air upon impact. At one point during my playthrough, I find a left leather boot, which grants a status boost to mobility, but when I equip it, the bonus is cut in half since I lack the corresponding right boot. Also making its return from Ultima Underworld, players can plant the seeds of the hallowed Silver Sapling in patches of soil to set custom respawn points when they die.

The Stygian Abyss was the first world to play home to an immersive sim, and Fielder is quick to point out that it is a character unto itself, inspiring other failed subterranean utopias like Rapture in Bioshock. And the new abyss has a lot of character, too with its colorful tabletop mini-figure art inspiration and myriad factions. During my playthrough, I only see the bipedal Lizardman tribe, the Saurians. But the game is full of races, such as: The Shamblers ? a ?fungal hivemind? ? the deep elves who can gift players enchanted weaponry, and the Dwarven Expedition who can forge master-crafted armor.

The environment itself is also quite attractive. The failed utopia incorporates lava-flooded caverns and mist-covered dungeons and small details like graffiti written in the Lizardman language. Glowing lotus-like flowers propel themselves through the darkness like bioluminescent jellyfish. But the setting isn?t just for show. While the world isn?t as sprawling as some contemporary RPGs, the Stygian Abyss is constantly evolving.

?Within the game, there?s a degrading world state,? Fielder explains. ?As you play through the game, creatures from the lower abyss start to crawl up to the higher levels.? There?s also a faction known as the Outcasts who are constantly expanding their construction efforts, meaning new ramparts and platforms might be built up (or torn down) when you return to a former location.

?In an area where you had a quest earlier, you?ll find it?s radically different,? says Fielder. ?There are different movement options. There are different creatures. And it?s really a new setting pretty much every single time you return.?

During my brief time with the game I was pleasantly surprised with what I was shown. While Underworld Ascendant might not be as polished as some of its triple-A contemporaries, the small but talented indie team of OtherSide Entertainment is doing something different. Focusing on its core world and players? ability to interact within that environment as opposed to other modern games? sprawling but less interactive worlds, the team is shooting for quality over quantity, which is appropriate, considering the small team?s relationship to what Fielder calls the ?grandfather of immersive sims.? Underworld Ascendant is coming to PC on November 15 and to consoles in 2019. As a fan of games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Bioshock Infinite, I saw a lot to like from this indie offering, and for only $30, I?m eager to dive back into the abyss to more fully immerse myself in its depths.


Sean Bean Stars In Live-Action Trailer For Hitman 2

With Hitman 2's release date looming, IO Interactive has released a live-action launch trailer starring English actor Sean Bean (Game of Thrones, GoldenEye, Troy), who will be playing one of the in-game characters in the upcoming title.

Bean is to play Mark "The Undying" Faba, the first Elusive Target mission to appear in-game on November 20.  Elusive Target missions are free for all players, giving you only one chance to kill a character during a 10 day period. Faba is a former MI5 agent who became an assassin. In the trailer, Bean talks about the inventive and creative ways you can kill your foes by using unassuming items like an exploding rubber duck. 

Hitman 2 releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 13. Read our hands-on impressions here.

[Source: Hitman on YouTube]

Latest Kingdom Hearts III Trailers Gives Us Another Glimpse Of Tangled's World

The latest trailer for Kingdom Hearts III, which premiered at this year's Lucca comics and games festival, shows off another glimpse at the game's rendition of Tangled. While the world was revealed in a previous trailer, this offers us a deeper (if still brief) look at what players will actually do in this particular world, as well as some fun looks at Rapunzel and Flynn Rider interacting with Sora, Goofy, and Donald.


Good recon is important if you want the edge in a battle, so you'd do well to take a look at Battlefield V's latest trailer which gives an overview of the upcoming title's eight launch maps.

From using a tank in the rocky terrain of North Africa to scrambling around the streets of Rotterdam and dealing with the dynamic weather of Norway, these fields of battle hope to offer challenge and intrigue to players through the environments and the maps' modes/objectives.

The trailer also offers a sneak peek at the post-launch map in Belgium.

For much more in-depth info on the game's launch maps, head over to the game's official page and read individual entries on each location.

Battlefield V comes out on November 20 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

[Source: Electronic Arts]

Fallout 76 Live Action Trailer Brings Survivors Together

Fallout 76 just had its first beta and will be getting its next fairly soon, and then the full release is just days after that. The game is a dramatic step in Bethesda's journey to lighten the tone of their nuclear apocalypse series, so with that comes marketing that enjoys the contrast between those horrors and the mirth and merriment of exploring the wasteland.

In this case, that comes in the form of a live-action trailer for the upcoming game.

The trailer tells you how you'll be spending your time in the West Virginia wasteland with friends. No one says your impending doom has to be done alone, especially when the next best option is a robot, so might as well make the best of it.

Fallout 76 releases November 14 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Feudal Alloy: Exploring The Middle Ages As A Fish Inside A Robot

Feudal Alloy is a platformer in the Metroid vein set in a medieval world following the story of a fish-controlled robot. To see what?s behind the intriguing concept, we played an early build and reached out to Eva Balikova and Luká? Navrátil, the two-person development team at Attu Games.

The game?s artistic appeal is apparent right from the get-go. The whimsical hand-drawn trees flow in the breeze and grass sways underfoot as clouds float lazily by. In the center stands our champion, Attu, thrust on a hero's journey to recover his village's plundered oil ? a vital resource that will heal Attu throughout his expedition. The villagers' fate rests on his spindly legs. His boxy metal chest bears the unfamiliar weight of a sword. And the fish encased in his glass dome blubs with determination. 

?After we finished our previous game, we were just sketching some characters, and we really liked this one with a robot controlled by a fish in its head, explains Navrátil. ?We had our fish-controlled robots and we needed to put them in some cool environment. We wanted something uncommon, so we came up with this crazy medieval world.?

?We both are big fans of 2D Metroidvania games like Hollow Knight, Salt and Sanctuary, and Guacamelee, and we wanted to create something similar ourselves,? adds Balikova.

After a quick cutscene depicting the idyllic fish-controlled robot village being raided by bandits (who are also robots steered by fish), Attu's grand adventure begins in the tunnels under his village where I quickly learned to swing his sword at everything. Not only are interactive switches and destructible barriers placed generously along the path, but Attu gains experience from the spare parts (and, humorously, sausages) stuffed into every container and enemy.

When Attu?s experience bar is filled, you can spend ability points to unlock helpful buffs on the three skill trees, which literally look like trees and loosely represent attack, defense, and endurance. The trees offer stronger attacks and better defense, but one of the early buffs ? which I strongly recommend unlocking quickly ? makes Attu magnetic to spare parts, which helps you collect more experience and level faster.

Leveling up is imperative because Attu is not a naturally gifted warrior. His endurance is meager in the beginning and he can only swing his sword a handful of times before he overheats. When that happens, you?re at the enemies? mercy for a few seconds until Attu cools down, which makes Feudal Alloy?s combat unexpectedly strategic. ?Originally [we had] just a simple, boring button-smashing type of combat.? says Balikova. ?We added the stamina management mechanic, and players would have to switch between offense and defense strategies.?

?Stamina [didn?t] make much sense for a robotic character like Attu,? adds Navrátil. We changed it to temperature and system overheating, thanks to an idea from one of our testers. It is basically the same thing, but it?s funny and makes much more sense. Coming up with using the liquid nitrogen and upgrading Attu?s cooling system was easy then.?

Don?t be fooled by the quirky hero, charming aesthetics, and jaunty tavern music. Feudal Alloy's combat can be brutal, and the game doesn?t provide much guidance. Unlocking new paths is exciting, and more than once, I chose to take one path at a fork in the road, which turned out to have another fork and then another. I felt like I was adventuring through a truly vast network of intertwining tunnels.

?We don?t like when the game tells the player exactly what to do and where to go,? Navrátil says, ?It completely ruins the feeling of exploration. We love how games like Hollow Knight, the latest Zelda or Dark Souls games handle this stuff. So, we tried to do something similar, and use as few tutorials and hints as possible. We want players to find solutions on their own. There are no complicated puzzles in the game and players shouldn?t get stuck very much.?

Hidden treasure rooms branch into undiscovered creatively designed halls rife with danger from traps and enemies. High above the ground, a winding path made up entirely of harmless-looking but collapsible platforms put a healthy dose of pressure on my platforming skills. After triggering one, poor Attu landed on the previously unseen razor-sharp spikes below.

Many areas are unreachable until, with a sigh of relief, I found the right skill module. These clever data chips teach Attu skills that not only help him overcome barriers in the world, but also forge him into a formidable fighting machine. The first skill module I found grants Attu the ability to use bombs. After recklessly depleting my stash blowing tricky enemies to smithereens, I realized they also destroy metal gates I had previously been unable to open.

Like a traditional Metroid-style game, I spent an unavoidable portion of my time investigating old areas to find barriers I could now overcome with new skill modules. Feudal Alloy tries to address this backtracking problem by connecting disparate paths via unlockable shortcuts and placing teleporters in every region - usually next to merchants. The merchants sprinkled throughout the realm offer a chance to spend hard-earned coins on armor, weapons, healing, and coolant but unfortunately, they won?t buy objects from you.

Some equipment is exclusively squirreled away for Attu to discover in the world, such as weapons and armor sets that alter your look and your stats. ?We want players to choose their equipment based on their play style,? says Balikova. ?Some are focused on attack, some on defense and some on stuff like temperature management. This encourages players to explore the world in order to find all pieces and complete the armor set they like.?

The multitude of environments, puzzles, and battles are well-designed to test newly gained skills and push your endurance levels, and it is a little surprising that it was all developed by a team of two people. ?There are some pros and cons in developing this kind of game in such a small team, Balikova recounts. ?We love the feeling that we are independent and there?s nobody telling us what to do. We don?t have to add anything just because of profit or because it?s popular right now. We?re just trying to make a game we?d like to play, and hope people will enjoy it as well.?

Feudal Alloy is pleasantly addictive game that couples an amusing fish-powered, sword-wielding, robot hero with enjoyable exploration and calculated combat. The game is currently slated to come out in January for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac. Recently, Game Informer rounded up a list of games inspired by Metroid, if you need to scratch that itch for Metroid-style games before January.


God Eater 3 Release Date Trailer Shows Off The Action Gameplay

Bandai Namco has been somewhat quiet about their hunting action title God Eater 3 since its announcement in 2017, with occasional trailer drops here and there. It makes sense, then, that the game would get its release date announced the same way, with a completely English voice-acted trailer announcing a February date.

The hunting game kind of rides the line between Monster Hunter and other character action titles and was fairly successful on the PSP and Vita. God Eater 3 is the first title built without a handheld in mind, as the other games, even with console versions, shared their foundation with Sony's handheld systems.

The story definitely seems dramatic, and more than a little bit confusing, but snippets of previous games' stories would probably not fair any better in trailer form. God Eater 3 will release on PlayStation 4 and PC on February 8.