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Battlefield V's Single-Player Trailer Goes Globetrotting

Today Battlefield V offered a decidedly cinematic look at its single-player campaign. Like Battlefield 1, V's campaign will be a series of short stories that will be taking place across the world with multiple protagonists.

Though there doesn't appear to be any gameplay to speak of in the trailer, you can watch it in all its globe-bouncing glory above.

For more on Battlefield V, check out our last look at Battlefield V.

You Must Build A Boat Creator's Photographs Slips Into Next Year


Photographs is the next game from Luca Redwood's EightyEight Games, the developer behind 10000000 and its sort-of sequel, You Must Build A Boat. Since its reveal, Redwood has said it would be releasing this year, but it looks like we're going to have a wait a little bit later. Redwood doesn't have a specific release date, but says that it has moved into 2019.

Along with the new release window, Redwood has offered new screenshots, the GIF you can see above, and a new developer diary, which you can see below.

For more on Photographs you can watch us play the game here.

Max Payne's Voice Actor Returns To The Studio That Created The Character For Control

As part of its presence at New York Comic Con recently, Remedy Games revealed the cast for its upcoming game, Control, revealing it to be a reunion for the developer.

James McCaffrey is playing Zachariah Trench. McCaffrey provided the voice of Max Payne for all the Max Payne games, including Max Payne 3 which was not developed by Remedy.

Matthew Porretta is playing a character names Dr. Casper Darling. Porretta played the eponymous Alan Wake in the main game as well as in the "sequel", Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

And Courtney Hope, as we learned at E3 earlier this year, is playing Control's main protagonist, Jesse Faden. Hope played Beth Wilder in Quantum Break.

Between the three of them, they're covering about 17 years of Remedy history. For more on Control, head here.

See Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson, Henry Cavill, And More In Star Citizen's Squadron 42 Campaign

This week at CitizenCon, a new trailer launched for Star Citizen's Squadron 42 campaign. And, boy, the single-player mode is packed with some star-studded talent. 

The footage focuses on the cinematics and voice acting, with a short action sequence at the end, which you can see above. It also provides a chance to view the celebrity talent involved. So far it looks like you can expect to see the likes of Gillian Anderson, Mark Hamill, Henry Cavill, Gary Oldman, Mark Strong, John Rhys Davies, Liam Cunningham, and Ben Mendelsohn in action. We previously saw some of this mode about a year ago

It's no surprise Cloud Imperium Games had the funds to cover such a famous cast. Its crowdfunding campaign has so far earned it $195,170,562, from over 2 million people.

There is still no official release date for the project. 

Amanita Design has revealed a trailer and a few details about its upcoming adventure game, Creaks. Creaks seems to follow in the trail of the studio's previous work, with a whimsical art style and puzzle-focused gameplay. But, if the trailer can be interpreted, this game explores the idea of what lies behind those creaky walls in an old house.

Amanita Design has won praise for its previous games, including Machinarium and Botanicula.

Creaks is targeting release on PC and consoles in 2019.  

Bungie today offered details about what Guardians can expect to discover in this year?s Festival of the Lost, which is set to run from October 16 to November 6. While the event has yet to begin, the initial announcement suggests that the event is significantly more robust and feature-rich than some players have come to expect.

In addition to an engram-themed redecoration of the Tower, there are several discrete activities and collectibles to pursue as well. The character Eva Levante used to be the centerpiece character of the Festival, but she has been missing since the events of Destiny 2?s core game. Instead, Shipwright Amanda Holliday will step up as the main vendor for this year?s event. She will offer daily bounties that reward fragmented souls ? this new currency, in turn, can be used to purchase new masks, as well as a new legendary auto rifle called Horror Story.

A new activity area is also opening up called the Haunted Forest. Inside, players attack enemies and see how deep into the area they can reach in 15 minutes, with the challenges becoming more difficult the further in you go. Bungie doesn?t offer a lot of additional detail about this new locale and activity, so we don?t know if the Haunted Forest will come along with any specific loot. The Haunted Forest is available to play solo, with a premade team, or with matchmaking ? a fact that will come as welcome news to many players frustrated by the absence of matchmaking for modes like Escalation Protocol and Blind Well.

Festival of the Lost will also serve as the launching ground for a multi-week murder mystery, beginning on October 30. Master Ives, the Cryptarch of the Vestian Outpost from the original Destiny, has been killed, and players must figure out who did the deed. The connected quest line includes a new powerful engram to be earned each week, so it?s one more way to level up. We clarified with Bungie, and while the Festival of the Lost will only run until November 6, the new powerful engram and its weekly reward will continue on past that conclusion date for a few additional weeks.

As players level up throughout the Festival of the Lost, you?ll also gain a new Eververse Ephemeral Engram with each level passed, along with the standard Steadfast Engram you always get. The Ephemeral Engram seems to feature a number of new rewards, including ships, Ghost shells, and emotes. This new engram type can also be purchased using real money. Tess will also sell a selection of specific items from the event for direct purchase using Bright Dust.

Festival of the Lost will be available to all Destiny 2 players (regardless of expansions owned), and on all its platforms - PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Bungie]

Five Big Takeaways From Our Hands-On With Resident Evil 2?s Dangerous Corridors

The Resident Evil 2 remake has generated all kinds of positive buzz since it was unveiled at E3. With the game just a few months away, Capcom has been showcasing more and more of its re-envisioning of the beloved entry. Leon and Claire both have their own campaigns, with some overlap. While Leon was the focus of E3; Gamescom was Claire?s time to shine, putting her in a hectic battle with William Birkin. Most recently, Capcom let us see what happens after that intense encounter, providing some gameplay surrounding the meat-and-potatoes of classic Resident Evil: exploration and puzzle solving. Here?s what stood out from our demo. 

Every Encounter Feels Dangerous

One thing Resident Evil 2 does right is how it approaches each menace around Raccoon City and their power level. Each enemy is a threat and none of them can be taken lightly, even on their own. When facing multiple enemies, you may be looking at a crisis for anything tougher than your run-of-the-mill t-virus zombies. Precision and understanding your arsenal are key ? without the right weaponry used in the right way, you?ll find yourself up a creek. 

You have some options for how you protect yourself. When in the clutches of a zombie, the knife is worth its weight in gold. I slammed it into the zombie?s side ? not enough to kill it, but enough to escape the deadly bear hug. This removed the knife from my inventory, but not all was lost. Once you take care of the enemy, you can recover it, but if the danger?s too high, you might have to walk away from it and hope you can find another knife. Knives are also breakable, so keep that in mind when you bust it out. 

Although fighting isn?t always your best option...

Running Is Vital To Survival 

Claire Redfield isn?t Master Chief; she doesn?t have to fight everyone within a five-mile radius. You often have to think quickly and depend on your instincts. Don?t feel bad if you choose to run, because it?s an extremely useful tool. As I explored the police station, I encountered a corridor with a licker on one side of the door. With just handgun ammo in my inventory, I was in no mood to battle, so I ran? directly into the other licker around the corner. Without the firepower to take down the one, much less a second, I booked it for the end of the hallway. Somehow, I made it through without taking any damage whatsoever, and the lickers were happy in their corridor. Although, I did have instances where enemies followed me, even one sneaking up behind me when a door was ajar. 

Avoiding combat is frequently worthwhile, but some enemies can be more tenacious than the lickers. I blew past some standard-issue zombies after I found a car key and wanted to figure out just what car it opened. After spending some time in the parking garage, I was startled to find those two former officers waddling in to find some brains. I took them down in short order, because I made sure to investigate every area thoroughly for items and had the ammo to spare.

Searching Can Be Just As Rewarding As It Is Dangerous

Exploration matters if you want to survive, because it gets you all sorts of goodies. The car trunk contained a powerful handgun along with ammunition. I explored a morgue, filled with dead people who (mostly) were just that. Each of the refrigerators could be individually opened and explored, revealing, aside from the corpses, things you?d normally find: herbs, ammunition, and keys. Don?t forget, exploring and trying to suss out every item also comes with its share of risks. Opening one refrigerator to find a red herb on the side of a corpse ended up being more than I bargained for, as that body was instead a zombie ready for battle.

After making quick work of it thanks to the aforementioned handgun, I went to pick up the red herb, only to find that all 12 slots of my inventory were full. Resident Evil 2 might be a brand-new reimagining of its former self, but the bogeyman still remains.

Resource Management Is Still A Big Part Of Strategy 

Capcom?s producers and directors were quick to make note that inventory and resource management are still important. The delicate balance of deciding between what you need and can ditch has always been an essential part of the series. Just because this is a remake doesn?t mean the developers are easing up or changing their tune on this element. When I asked point-blank about any kind of auto-management, the response was that it wouldn?t happen, as it adds to the ambiance of Raccoon City. Want to load up on weaponry? That?s less space for healing items or key items like cranks and keys.

The traditional storage chest system does return, so you can keep items you don?t need right now, but the decision always looms. However, one new convenience is the ability to know when a key item is used up and can be discarded. When I opened the car trunk, a checkmark appeared next to the key, alerting me there wouldn?t be any other uses for it. I could simply remove it from my inventory, freeing up space for more pressing items.

The Updated Graphics Take Things To A New Level

Our demo ended shortly after our exploration of the police station, spawning a cinematic sequence with Chief Irons, Claire, and young Sherry Birkin, ending with Irons locking Claire in the parking garage and escaping with Sherry. I was impressed with my short time with the game. It?s clear Capcom has put a significant amount of work into updating this classic, while still retaining the charm it had when it first launched on the PS1. 

The team also added plenty of nods and Easter eggs for longtime fans. Even more impressive is how much the new graphics make a difference. ?We tried to update it for a more believable, grander feel because it?s using the RE engine for this amazing photorealistic look,? says producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi. This new realistic touch informed everything, right down having puzzle objects make sense for the setting and the look of the zombies.

 ?We want to make sure that every zombie and character in this game is truly terrifying and life-threatening,? adds producer Tsuyoshi Kanda. ?We got this ?wet gore,? as we call it, where they just look glistening and horrible. We also have the ragdoll physics on the way the zombies move. You might think you?ve got them down but then they come back to life and grab you again. Even the way you can aim for different parts and dismember them, we put a lot of effort into realistic damage and making the zombies the best zombies we ever made.?

Based on the tension and terror I felt as I explored, I?d say they?ve done just that.

Resident Evil 2 launches January 25 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


Dead Or Alive 6's Tweaks Are Making For A Stronger Fighter

At a recent KOEI Tecmo event, the Dead or Alive developer let us sit down with the latest build of its new fighting game, Dead or Alive 6. 

I last got a chance to sit down with Dead or Alive 6 with E3 and was not feeling it at the time. Since then, Team Ninja has made a number of changes to the special attack system, including incorporating it into the game's sidestep mechanic. This current build contained newcomer Diego, but did not have the recently-shown Tina, Bass, and Mila.

The Fatal Rush mechanic, which allowed players to perform an auto-combo and end with a super, has been toned down quit a bit since E3. It now does less damage overall and isn't a trump card that would ultimately become useless. The biggest change is incorporating the special button into the dodge, letting you perform an evasive move during a sidestep that blasts enemies similar to Dead or Alive 5's power blow.

The new stages are also more interactive than before. The pirate ship stage shown off earlier has multiple levels, each with different hazards. On the top deck, a kraken picks up characters and throws them around. A lower deck has treasure lining the floor, while another deck is lined with burning gun powder and tons of explosions. Another arena brings dinosaurs back to the series and delves into different Jurassic Park-like environments, complete with angry dinos.

You can check out a few matches I played with Team Ninja's community manager, Emmanuel MASTER Rodriguez, who claimed he was going all out on me. Considering his tournament wins, I am not sure I believe him, because I managed to hit him once or twice.

Dead or Alive 6 releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on February 15.

We Go Hands-On With Hitman 2's Colombia Levels

The path of the Hitman series has been as circuitous and complicated as one of the conspiracy-tinged stories that follow Agent 47 through the twists and turns of the path of bodies he has left behind him. With the confusingly-named Hitman 2 releasing soon, IO Interactive is backing off from the episodic model of the previous game, this time backed by a new publisher. We got to go hands-on with the latest revealed level of the game, Colombia, and take out three narco-kingpins in the jungles of Santa Fortuna.

Agent 47 stalks through a jungle-village with multiple compounds surrounding it. In the village center, a party is being set up by the cartel to welcome themselves as liberators of the people, replete with musicians, drunkards, and soldiers to watch over the whole thing. There?s rarely a place to blend in without a patrol unit walking by, a camera capturing your presence, or a villager going about their day and eyeing up the weird bald guy walking around the village.

There is something about Santa Fortuna that makes it feel unique in that way. The tried-and-true methods of following someone to an empty room and then whacking them with a soda can to steal their clothes will still work, but there?s far fewer opportunities that Hitman maps have had before. There?s less sprawl to Santa Fortuna and that works in its favor. There are always people around and assuming you?re alone will not work out in most cases.

Colombia is similar to the previous game?s Marrakesh level, which had riots and protests in the streets, but makes its NPCs more mobile. A guard I lured over to a garden with a running hose came at the same time the gardener also checked it out. Following the gardener leads back to his house where he has an argument with his wife, making me wonder if it would have been better if I had hit him with a wrench like I planned.

Things escalate as you go to the actual cartel compound, which is populated by personal bodyguards, soldiers, and service staff. There?s no single disguise that fools all three groups, forcing you to switch outfits here and there, block suspicion by hiding, or hoping for the best as you dash through the hallways to get the outfit you need to get and hope you?re not compromised.

Of course, the disguises are a key part of the Hitman formula and Hitman 2 loves giving you plenty of cosplay for Agent 47 to use no matter what execution you choose. Dress up like a soldier and head to the jungle to look for some missing cargo or disguise yourself as a drummer for some actions that may help you take down a target. Almost every NPC you find will unwillingly give you their clothes after knocking them out and I was unable to find any, like in the previous title, that had no disguise to give.

You can check out the Colombia mission in action in the video below, where I take out two targets in one planned way and one happy accident.

IO Interactive's last Hitman game was published under Square Enix and the switch to Warner Bros. doesn't seem like it has forced any errors on IO's part for the sequel. It remains to be seen if it can be every bit as amazing as its predecessor, but everything looks good for fans so far.

Hitman 2 releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 13.

New Footage Of System Shock Remaster Shows Off Remade Environments

Backers of the System Shock remaster kickstarter campaign will soon have access to the Adventure Alpha, which aims to be an early version of the game that's actually playable. To accompany the announcement of the alpha, developer Night Dive studios has released a new trailer showing off the remake.

Fans of the original should be able to recognize most of the levels shown, even if they've been retooled with higher-resolution textures. Of course, this being an alpha, the actual look of the game has not been finalized. "Not only will these re-tooled textures make the Adventure Alpha more interesting but it will provide the team with a blueprint of how to approach updated art, lighting, level design, and more," the studio posted.

After being put on hiatus until recently, but is expected to release in 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux.

Earlier today, Sony outlined the exclusive content coming to Red Dead Redemption II when it releases later this month. As previously announced, the content is only exclusive for the first 30 days, at which point it will release for Xbox One, but these are the first details of what exactly it will be.

For the game's story mode and Red Dead Redemption online, you get access to the Grizzlie's Outlaw Outfit. You can start using this outfit from the game's launch date. When Red Dead Redemption Online launches soon after the game's release, you get access to some other items and accessories and a horse.

The PS4 content for Red Dead Redemption Online includes a Chestnut Arabian Horse, the Alligator Skin Ranch Cutter Saddle, and the quick-shooting High Roller Double-Action Revolver. These items are only for the online mode and will come to the Xbox One a month after they launch on PS4.

Red Dead Redemption II releases on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 26.

[Source: PSBlog]

New Dead Or Alive 6 Trailer Shows Off Tina, Bass, And Mila

KOEI Tecmo today showed off a new trailer for Dead or Alive 6, their upcoming fighting game title. The trailer shows off returning characters Tina, Bass, and Mila, two long-time DOA veterans and the latter introduced in Dead or Alive 5. Check out the new trailer below.

Tina and her father Bass have set up a tag team with each other called Muscle Team, which seemingly gives superfan and MMA fighter Mila a shot at fighting her wrestling idols. The trailer also shows off the wrestling ring stage, which has some variation in every modern game in the series.

Dead or Alive 6 releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on February 15.

While Yu-Gi-Oh's Yugi Moto was revealed a few weeks ago for the upcoming manga fighter Jump Force, we haven't really seen him in action yet. Thankfully, Bandai Namco has provided a new trailer for the game showing exactly how the card-slinger fights.

While it's been sometime since I have familiarized myself with the card-battling story of Yu-Gi-Oh, my understanding is that Duel Monsters' eponymous monsters were holograms created by the weird thing they wore on their arms, which is clearly not the case here. Yugi fights using corporeal versions of Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl and finishes enemies with a certain legendary monster. 

It's unclear if Yugi will have different monsters to play with, but for now his bread and butter seems to be the two Dark Magicians in his deck.

Jump Force releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in February.

Bandai Namco has revealed that Inferno is joining the Soulcalibur VI roster. As a new trailer shows, it looks like fighting him is going to continue to be a massive pain in the rear.

Inferno's gimmick is centered on his ability to mimic other combatants, and also the fact that, well, he's on fire. 

Soulcalibur VI is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 19. 

Darksiders III hits on November 27 (PS4, Xbox One, PC), and the latest trailer for the game shows the evolution of Horseman of the Apocalypse, Fury. Her unlockable/switchable Hollow forms give her the might to defeat the Seven Deadly Sins through an array of abilities.

Fury's giant hammer, Scorn, is not only a powerful weapon, but a way for Fury to draw in energy to scale walls.

For more on the game, be sure to check out our hands-on impressions of the demo as well as the Gamescom trailer.